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Úvod »DVD / VHS / CD»Military / Sebeobrana » Self Defense vol.4 DVD Box set


Self Defense vol.4 DVD Box set

(DVD 92 DVD 168 DVD 169)


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Autor: J.M. Pinard, Luis Jonathan Diaz
DVD 92 : For the very first time on DVD, watch 5 Great European Experts. They present more than 100 Self Defense techniques against one armed person and two empty hands aggressors. DVD 168 : Self Defense is far from being a mix of « tips » easy to learn and with miraculous effects. It’s a precise science which can reach the limits of any art for anyone who’ll be able to bind power, precision and sharpness together. You act when you must, where you must, no more than you must. DVD 169 : Kajukenbo is a Hawaiian martial art created by Master EMPERADO between 1947 and 1950. Kajukenbo is a Kenpo style used for self defense.This art may be practiced by all, but toughness must remain for it is part of the technical foundations, range, sensation, accuracy of angles…