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Úvod »DVD / VHS / CD» Asian Weapons DVD Box set


Asian Weapons DVD Box set

(DVD 174 DVD 161 DVD 177)


Číslo produktu: cof27
Autor: Katy Barcelo, André Loupy Angélique Maillard, Ch
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50,00 €

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DVD 174 : The handling of the sabre, in different times and various countries, has evolved along martial techniques. Thus, the saber, whether European, African or asian, has built its legend on battle fields and in war tales. DVD 161 : Discover with this DVD a Yan style Taiji form with a fan (Taiji Shan) according to Master Wang Yen Nien. You will also discover in this DVD a fight/game as well as an excerpt of a form that binds Yan and Chen styles together. DVD 177 : Chau Phan Toan, an expert in weapons for more than 40 years, presents with commitment and simplicity all the richness of the ancient art of weapons handling. With training, you’ll become an expert in Stick, Nunchaku, Ancient Long Saber, Wakizashi, Spear, Double Saber, Sai, Triple-Stick, Tonfa, Chain ... Beginner and Advanced Levels.

Kategorie: Weapons